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Ohio Department of Job and Family Services:
call 1-877-852-0010
Veteran Services Unit:
call 1-888-296-7541, Option #5.
Ohio Department of Insurance:
call 1-800-686-1526
Additional Medicaid Information:
call 1-800-324-8680 or TTY (hearing impaired) 1-800-292-3572
Ohio's Free Medical Clinics Information:
call 614-545-0760
Ohio's Best Rx:
call 1-866-923-7879
Partnership for Prescription Assistance:
call 1-888-477-2669
Identify Child Care Facilities:
call 1-866-635-3748, Option #2, ext.#1
Foreclosure Prevention information:
call 1-888-404-4674
Additional Child Support Enforcement Agency information:
To find the CSEA in your county, call 1-800-686-1556 or visit http://jfs.ohio.gov/County/County_Directory.pdf. Each of the state's 88 counties has a CSEA, staffed by people who are well-versed in Ohio laws, practices and who can answer your questions and explain your rights.
Ohio Benefit Bank Information:

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Ohio has 90 local OhioMeansJobs Centers designed to assist job seekers, employers and youth with a wide range of workforce-related services.


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